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    Properties Sidebar
    In This Topic

    Enabling the Properties Sidebar

    To enable the properties sidebar select a cabinet and press the Properties sidebar button


    Setting Up Your sidebar

    Sidebar Layout

    The sidebar is made up of 4 slots and you can choose the content you wish to view in each by using the 4 dropdowns provided


    Sidebar Colours

    You can edit and customise the colours of the sidebar in Drawing properties → Display → Sidebar Customisation



    Click here For more info

    To change the colour of the move buttons press the Page/Cabinet Move button Colour buttons: 

    This will launch a colour picker dialog

    Once you have selected a colour press OK

     Your newly selected colour will show on the preview button to the right.



    Sidebar Modules

    The sidebar is split into 4 slots, each of these slots can show one of eight different modules.


    The dimensions module allows you to resize the cabinet selected.

    Some fields may not be editable in all cabinets however they will show the current value.

    Click here for more info

    Available Dimensions:







    • Width: The width of the selected cabinet
    • Height: The height of the selected cabinet
    • Depth: The depth of the selected cabinet
    • Height off floor/Kickboard height: The height off floor/Kickboard height for the selected cabinet
    • Insertion Point: controls where the selected cabinet will grow from



    Angle On Plan

    The angle on plan module shows the cabinet's current angle on plan.

    You are able to do math in the input field e.g: 0deg+90deg would rotate the cabinet a 90deg from its current orientation


    You can override the cabinets angle to rotate it by a specific amount.



    Move Cabinet

    The move module lets you move the cabinet by a specific amount.



    Door Gaps

    The doors gaps module allows you to edit most cabinets door gaps

    Panels and filler can also edit their Overscribes from this Module

    Click here for more info

    Door gaps


    • Top: The Gap Above doors
    • Left: The Gap to the Left of the doors
    • Right: The Gap to the Right of the doors
    • Bottom: The Gap Below doors
    • Behind: The Gap Behind doors
    • Between: The Gap Between doors

    for more information on door gaps see Door Gaps

    Panel gaps


    • Flush with doors: Makes the end panel flush an adjoining cabinets door (provided the correct door gap is entered and the default depth is being used)
    • Overscribe Height: Adds extra to the panels cut height
    • Depth: Overscribes the panels depth

    Filler Gaps






    Door Cut List

    The door cut list module shows the sizes of the doors and panels in the cabinet


    Sample Door Cut List

    Sample Panel Cut list




    Carcass Cut List

    The carcass cut list module allows you to see a preview of the part sizes in the cabinet

    This list may be long and cause a scroll bar to present

    Click here for more info


    Sample Carcass Cut list

    When the cut list is longer than the available space a continue button will be present

    Pressing the continue button will launch the local properties window allowing you to view the full cut list




    The report module allows to quickly run reports

    Sample Reports

    Click here for more info


    Pressing any of the 4 buttons allows you to run the specified report. 

    In this case a report called "Quote" would run



    The none module allows you to have a blank area