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    Part Premilling
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    Part Premilling

    What is Premilling?

    A Premilling edge-bander removes a specified amount of material from the edged sides of a board.  CabMaster's the part premilling allows parts to be oversized by the amount your edge bander will remove when edging parts.

    E.g a 100mm x 100mm part with 1mm Edging all around will have a cut size of 98mm x 98mm the same part with 1mm premilling will have a cut size of 100mm x 100mm
    Older setups will have premilling called : OverSize all on Edged Sides

    Setting up premilling

    Where to setup premilling

    Premilling can be found in Drawing Properties → Mach. General → Const in the Premilling group box

    Defining premill thickness


    The amount CabMaster takes off an edged side can be defined in 2 ways:

    • by the thickness of the edge material; or
    • by a fixed amount.

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    Premill Edge Thickness:

    Enabling this option will always add on the edge thickness to the edged side.

    An edge that is 1mm thick will add 1mm to any side edged with it and a 2mm would add 2mm and so on..


    Premill Thickness


    Premill thickness lets you define a fixed amount to remove from each edged side. This fixed amount will then be added to all edged sides.

    With a 1mm premill thickness 2mm edge tape would add an extra 1mm to edged sides as would a 3mm tape and so on...

    Material Types

    You can specify a separate premilling setting for door type materials and all others.

    Door type materials are materials that can be found when using the "Door" filter:

    Internal Corners

    You can enable or disable premill allowances on edges with an internal corner (e.g the front of a corner shelf) by checking or un checking the Incl Cnr checkbox: