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    Splitting Universal Cabinets
    In This Topic

    Splitting a Universal cabinet sets each end and back to be cut as two separate pieces stacked on top of each other, with optional shelves at the split.

    The split option is available in the following cabinets:



    The split option can be enabled on the Labour & Construction > Split page, as shown below:

    Splitting Universal Cabinets

     Split Configuration

    Split Ends and Back into 2 Parts

    Enables the split.

    Distance to Split

    The distance from the bottom of the cabinet to the split (measures from above the kickboard).

    Add Shelf Above Split

    Adds a fixed shelf directly above the split.

    Upper Shelf Recess

    The distance from the front of the cabinet to the front of the fixed shelf above the split.

    Add Shelf Below Split

    Adds a fixed shelf directly underneath the split.

    Lower Shelf Recess

      The distance from the front of the cabinet to the front of the fixed shelf below the split.               

    Reset Split Configuration

      Resets the options on the page back to their defaults                               
     Adding Content To Bottom Area

    When the split is enabled and either Add Shelf Above Split or Add Shelf Below Split are turned on, the following pages are added...

    • Cabinet Details > Bottom Area page and
    • Cabinet Details > Bottom Area Cont. page

    These allow content to be added to the bottom area exactly the same way it is done for the standard areas in the universal cabinets.


     Adding Doors

    When using Div Doors, they will automatically cover the entire cabinet height, including the split bottom area.

    Alternatively, to add a door specifically to the bottom area, cell doors must be used instead.

    When the split is enabled, cell door options are added to Doors > Cell Doors page for the bottom area, as shown below:

    Bottom Area Cell Doors

    Bottom Area Cell Doors

     Adjusting Handles

    On the Door Handles > Individual Positioning page, the door handles on the lower cell doors can be adjusted  in the Bottom Area Cell Doors Handle Centres group box:

    Bottom Area Handle Positions

    Bottom Area Handle Positions