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    QR Code Overview
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    What Are QR Codes?

    QR (Quick Response) Codes are machine readable optical labels.  They are an efficient standard for data storage, often used to define location, identification or website links.

    How Are QR Codes Used?

    QR codes have many application, for example in a manufacturing environment they can be placed on a part to allow it to be tracked through the production process, or used by machines to know what actions to perform. 

    The example below contains the address of the CabMaster website. When scanned by a capable device (eg computer, tablet or phone) the website will be opened on the device. 

    QR Codes and CabMaster

    When exporting machining a QR code can be added to the exported label information.  There are three steps involved in setting this up:

    1. Define the required data and its format
    2. Add the necessary lines to the LabelXMLExtras.txt file (the file that defines what label information is exported)
    3. Use the data in the label design (in for example, the EzyNest label designer)
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