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    Pocket Offsets
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    Several of the DoorMaster LT profiles involve pocketing areas of the door.  Originally the pockets start directly on the toolpath of the closest profile tool.  However, depending on the tool being used, the pocket sometimes requires a small offset.  User access to the offset setting for the pocket tooling has been made available for these cases.

    There are 3 distinct types of 'pocketing':

    In the case of a Trench or External pocket, the pocketed area has an inner and outer tool path.  Both of which potentially need a separate offset setting.  

    DoorMaster LT Settings

    Examples of offsets in the DoorMaster LT settings.

    1. Central Pocket Offset:

    2. Central and External Pocket Offsets. Note how there are two setting for the External (Frame) pocket: